Wayfind-NAC Merger

We are excited to share that NAC and Wayfind are joining forces to provide integrated services for the community under one roof. Soon, the new organization will undergo a rebrand to create a new name and logo.

New Vision
We believe that together, we can create a just and interdependent world where every person can live with dignity and realize their fullest potential through access to power, opportunity, resources, and connection to community.

New Mission
To promote social welfare by fostering movements to build power in communities impacted by systemic oppression through community partnerships, capacity building, and legal services for community organizations and microenterprises.

New Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of the new merged organization is made up of five directors from each of the Wayfind and NAC Board of Directors, a former client of NAC, a former client of Wayfind, and a community partner who was a partner of both NAC and Wayfind.   Click here for a listing of our new Board of Directors.

New Executive Director
Jodi Nishioka, who was the Executive Director of Wayfind, will continue as the Executive Director of the new merged organization.  Sarah Tran stepped down from her position as the Executive Director of NAC in October of 2018.  Sarah continued supporting NAC and Wayfind as a member of the merger exploration committee over the last 8 months and continues to be a close supporter of the merged organization.

Click here to learn more about why Wayfind and NAC merged.

Click here for our FAQs on the Wayfind-NAC merger.