Helpful Videos for Nonprofits

In partnership with Washington Nonprofits, Wayfind is happy to provide the following recorded webinars:

Bylaws: All nonprofits need bylaws. Bylaws is the governing document for the nonprofit and its board of directors. But what does that mean? What is the real purpose of the bylaws and what provisions should be in bylaws?

Conflicts of Interest:  You’ve probably heard that “Conflicts of Interests” are bad and that nonprofit boards need to avoid conflicts of interests. But, what exactly is a “conflict of interest”, and what should you do if your nonprofit has a “conflict of interest?

Conflicts of interest are not necessarily bad. The important thing is being able to identify conflicts of interest and knowing how to manage conflicts of interests when they arise.

Checklist: This workshop is essential for all nonprofits. We will go over the Wayfind Nonprofit Self-Assessment Legal Checklist, which includes state and Federal legal compliance requirements for nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations as well as best-practices for nonprofit governance.

Gambling and fundraising: Are you thinking about a raffle or bingo as a fundraiser for your nonprofit? Join Special Agent Brian Lane for a primer on raffles and other gambling-related fundraising activities. Special Agent Lane will explain what is considered gambling and what nonprofits need to do and be aware of when using gambling-related fundraising activities.