Is Your Nonprofit Eligible for Wayfind Services?

Existing Nonprofits

To be eligible for free legal services, an existing organization must demonstrate that it:

  1. Has a primarily charitable or community-based purpose, and
  2. Is a 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 nonprofit organization, and
  3. Is unable to pay for legal fees without significant impairment of program resources, and
  4. Seeks legal assistance on a business or organizational matter, but not on any legal issue related to current or expected litigation.

Apply here if you are an Existing Organization.

Start-Up Organizations

To be eligible for free legal services, a  start-up organization must demonstrate that it:

  1. Satisfies the above requirements for an “Existing Organization” and
  2. Has potential viability by providing:
  • A mission statement,
  • A board of directors roster,
  • 3-year budget,
  • Business plan, and
  • A clear description of program services or activities that the new organization will engage

You can apply online or use our paper application here if you are a Start-Up Organization.

Application Fee: $100.00 nonrefundable screening/placement fee

If you would like to apply for free legal services, please send a completed application for services and $100 application fee by post mail to Wayfind.  For a quicker response, you may send your completed application form by email to