Nonprofit Legal Needs Report

In 2012, Wayfind published The Legal Needs of Nonprofits Serving Low Income Communities report.  The Report confirmed that there is a great need for Wayfind’s services and that the legal and capacity building communities can do more to strengthen low income communities by supporting the nonprofits that serve them. We hope that this report inspires you to join with us to strengthen our communities by sharing the abundant legal resources that we have here in Washington.

Two major findings arose from this study:

  1. With 92% nonprofits reporting they need transactional legal services, there are significant, unmet legal needs of nonprofit organizations serving low income communities throughout the state.
  2. There are significant barriers to low income-serving nonprofits accessing transactional legal services across the state. The two most important barriers are:

a)      Many nonprofits serving low income communities are not able to identify legal issues and do not understand how transactional attorneys can help them; and

b)      Many low income-serving nonprofit organizations are unaware of Wayfind and our free legal resources.

We interviewed staff from nonprofits and capacity building organizations in five regions across Washington to determine what the transactional legal needs of nonprofits serving low income communities were. We discovered that almost all low-income serving nonprofits—92%—have unmet transactional legal needs. The report identifies what those legal needs are, explores barriers that low income serving nonprofits face in getting those needs addressed, and makes recommendations on what WAACO and the greater legal community can do to help.

Click here for the Executive Summary of The Legal Needs of Nonprofits Serving Low Income Communities.

Click here for the full report of The Legal Needs of Nonprofits Serving Low Income Communities.