Legal Advisory: Nonprofit Organizations and Immigration Enforcement

The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP) has put together an advisory document for nonprofit organizations on immigration enforcement issues. The advisory covers frequently asked questions from nonprofits about how to protect their clients if immigration enforcement agents come to their buildings or if agents try to detain clients. The advisory is available on NWIRP’s website here.

2 thoughts on “Legal Advisory: Nonprofit Organizations and Immigration Enforcement

  1. Marco Liu

    Thank you for this Legal Advisory. We have initiated dialogue with the Western Center on Law and Poverty on this very issue. My Food Bank organization is very interested in developing guidelines for internal use and to share with our food distribution partners in the event that immigration enforcement shows up during a food distribution event.

    1. Sarah Edwards

      Marco, please call us at 1-866-288-9695 or email contact[at] for more information on how to apply for pro bono assistance for your organization. Thank you!


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