Legal Resources for Nonprofits

General Corporate Law

The Washington Nonprofit Handbook is an informative manual that provides guidance on many legal issues facing nonprofit organizations.

This Handbook references the following forms and templates that may be useful to nonprofits and their attorneys:

Sample Articles of Incorporation for a Washington State nonprofit organization without members.

Sample Bylaws for a Washington State nonprofit organization without members.

Sample Bylaws for a Washington State nonprofit organization with members

Sample Conflict of Interest Policy for nonprofit organization.

Wayfind’s Nonprofit Legal Checklist helps nonprofits understand common legal obligations and highlights areas where greater inquiry should be made.

Employment and Intellectual Property Issues

The sample agreements linked to below are forms that secure a nonprofit’s rights to intellectual property and employment law.

Independent Contractor – Employee Checklist

Sample Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Agreement

Sample Release of Intellectual Property Rights

Sample Photo Release

Please note the above resources are for reference purposes only and/or are sample agreements that may not cover all potential circumstances an organization may face. A nonprofit organization should always consult with a knowledgeable attorney to tailor this information to the organization’s needs.  If you do not have an attorney, we can help provide you with one (that’s what we do).